I am by nature, opinionated. My education however, as taught me to investigate different opinions and views; to balance these against each other; to listen and observe other people; to debate new points and finally to draw MY OWN conclusions.

There are so many debates that I have been following and feel passionate about.  Often these are in the news or raised on social media platforms such as Twitter. It is not always possible to clearly state your opinion and explain your reasons why.  This is particularly the case on Twitter with only 140 characters and people who disagree wish to shoot you down in a hail of abuse-filled bullets.

I have no doubt that there will be plenty of people who will disagree with me here, and again that this may invite abuse.  But it contains MY opinions and mine ONLY. I do not speak for another “group” of people and I will have listened and read to a wide variety of opinions and debates before reaching my opinion.  I therefore feel, I earned a right to my opinion and to express it! If you disagree, fine. But respect my right to my opinion.


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