Lifting A Veil…

Who was I? Who am I?
Bolshy. 16. World at my feet.
Or maybe it floated above.
Way above where the stars
Sparkle and the sun lights
And burns…

Here I am in the dead
Of the Eastern night.
A wild world.
Exotic. Exciting.
Drowning in the depth?
Riding high on the thrill?

Duck down,
Hide behind the glass,
Be silent,
Be invisible,
You exist,
But don’t.

Vulnerable. Definitely vulnerable.
But oh, so, bolshy.
A fountain of words explodes
Before being hung from a noose.

Caught between cultures
We fight for…

Power of the mob
Rules above all.
Rebel. Rebel. Rebel.
Deeper. Deeper.
Where am I? Who am I?

A new mob
A dangerous mob…

Of course. My fault. I could be dead.

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